Goodness! I have massive stage fright so I’ll get straight to it. I love writing. I also have a tendency to be an emotional writer, if something is on my mind, I have a tendency to write about it.

I have poems that go through my mind when I see things I don’t like and I like to write about things that I feel strongly about. Er, I said that already hey? I’m hoping my poetry, scenes, and whatever else I put up on this blog will make for interesting reading. I know that some may think that I am referring to things that are happening in my life …maybe  but not always.

Er, yeah, I don’t know if much of it will be happy, I’m not known for my joyful moments. Anyway, if anyone bothers to follow my emotional and writing development then, sit back, put on your seatbelt and allow me to drive you through my adolescence, youth and hopefully right up until my journey’s end.



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