Changing scenes, new revelations.

What does it all mean?

Am I to be constantly subjected to the terrors of my mind left to wallow in shallow grief or will I grow? Can I grow into something more profound, wise intelligent?

Or is it my curse to keep going in the same circles faster and faster in the hopes that the momentum will propel me into the great sphere of things new, challenging, hopeful, good?

Perhaps none were meant to be.

Perhaps none of it is meant to be taken as seriously as I take it.

Is it wise to propose a change in the circle of convention or am I merely in the wrong dimension?

Could it be that while I observe things I do not truly see?

Am I blinded to the truths by my hopes and dreams of fairy princesses and princes and happily ever after?

It seems so.

Perhaps time will tell, perhaps I will change, maybe I will grow, just maybe I can become all that you need.


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