Hello, Good bye, I just feel like I want to cry.

My mind’s so empty of those words you need to hear me say.

My heart lays ripped open on the floor; you pick it up and cast it away. It’s bleeding, you’re laughing, I’m crying.

Can’t you see me? Don’t you know it’s real?  Can’t you feel me? Read between the lines. See me for who I am, trust me for what I say do shows you that it’s real.

Trust in me! Show me that you care, show that you know me; know me for who I am coz maybe if you don’t know me baby then we’s got to end. Coz I can’t keep loving somebody who don’t love me enough to see who I am to feel me.

Can’t you see you make me cry can’t you see that I am too? You ignore me, I try to be cool, I wait for you to get over it. You remember me; I embrace it knowing soon it’ll be back to the days of old. Can you see my tears, can you?

Can you see it’s hurting me inside to see you don’t really love me? I can accept the truth, can you? I keep my cool, will you? I can love you till the moon turns blue but will you see?



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