Of a new persuasion is what I’d like to be.

Can you see the new me? I’ll change my dress, walk and talk so that I don’t look or sound like me but I’ll be me alright.

The new me will have life, charisma, ever joyful, cheerful, grateful, thoughtful, correct, never dull, mindful of others’ opinions of outer self; never grumbling, unhappy, or overly-sad, emotional, boastful, deceitful.

Nope, you’ll never see the real me or how I really feel or what I truly think because that’s not what you want is it? It’s not what you need. You need a good friend, a good daughter, a good student, a good curator, a good prefect, a good child, a good person constantly. Now  then, today tomorrow, forever.

None of you can see it takes a lot of energy to be good for/to everyone. None of you can tell I need to be human too. Sometimes I need to rebuild my energy, sometimes I need to use some of it for me.


Image credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=1819