It’s been days and months since I last saw you and I find myself wondering: do you ever think about me?

I keep wondering what I did to make you not tell me the truth.

I wonder why it is a love like that would change so soon.

Does it ever cross your mind that you could have cut a wound so deep that I feel no pain?

Why is it that now you remember that I have a name? Why do you now try to heal the pain?

You left me to nurse my wounds on my own and I was doing well basking in a new light. Your shadow hovers near my source of light.

I don’t want to feel cold; your light can be seen shining on the pink rose but I can no longer feel its worth and find comfort there.

your light can be seen shining on the pink rose

Leave me to reconstruct the pieces of the puzzle that fell apart when we drew apart.

The puzzle stretched and the loose pieces fell out. The old ones don’t fit anymore.

I kept putting them back and they looked like they fit but the picture wasn’t the same.

Then my eye caught on a ray of sunshine that shed a new, warm light, it felt just right like the first morning rays after a cold winter night. My soul responded like a flower in bud releasing its hold

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