If eyes were hands, or could convey touch then we would all see his lust.

As she kneels before him with the dish,

her eyes hover at the bulge growing which he hides with a twitch.

I’ve seen those eyes before, and experienced nights of pleasure from the body that eyes her form.

My heart is torn, for his eyes seem to scorn

 us the women who have sworn

 our lives to be with him & yet he leers in sin for my 3rd born.

I cannot bear it he must leave.

Image by Stuart Miles

For if he doesn’t, there will be blood on his sleeve.

I don’t care that he’s related

for his lusty thoughts are ill-fated.

They think I’m insane but I know his kind

They try to hide it in vain

until they in lust bind

one innocent soul into eternal pain

Trust has flown out the door

 to think I’d been fooled before.

I can see him whisper his lewd suggestions

I know she’s still fighting against his ministrations.

I saw the tears in her eyes as her father scolded her “lies”

But I’ve been there before & he will harm my daughter no more.

I was once there but I had no bravery to save my skin,

I know the kind of pain she’s in.

I won’t let my daughter pay for someone else’s sick sin.

Even if he doesn’t rot in jail

they’ll all know if you touch her

 there’ll be hell to pay & to my justice the law will pale,

no one touches my daughter.


this one feels incomplete what do you think?