Image by jscreationzs

Sometimes I wonder if you see me.

Not the flesh and blood before you but me.

Sometimes when we speak it’s like you don’t hear me.

Not the words I speak but the hints of me.

Then you speak to me & I see that when my flesh is calmly before you, you see me fidgety and uneasy.

Then you speak to me & solve the problems caused by insecurity.

I’m lost in my thoughts & you find me.

I’m caught up in everyone’s  intentions & opinions & you free me.

I’m drowning in unshed tears & I find that you’ve always held my head above the water.

I’m in the dark about how you feel & yet I feel the light and my steps do not falter.

Status quo and society’s conventions point us in the direction that everyone’s eyes see.

I hold your hand and see us walking where I’ve always wanted to be.

I try to explain that as others stick to convention’s path

My heart won’t let [me] be stuck on that.

Sometimes I wonder if you really see me.

Sometimes I wonder if you really hear me.

Then you hold my hand when I pretend I’m not scared.

Then you hold me when my heart has been bared.