I am the proverbial black pussy cat.

Black Cat: Image Courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

I can devour you and leave you feeling whole.

Men seek to conquer me and yet when they succeed I still manage to be me.

My heart is open to break but he who breaks it never gets it back whole.

You can make me purr if you touch me right…it’s no secret.


Do me wrong & I can smile a smile of no depth and you will be so far from me that you will feel as if I have opened my bosom and let you in.

I am so far from what you’d like to be and yet I’m all you need.

Yes, I’m the proverbial black pussy cat.

I look like I’ll do you harm but I’m no different from any other cat.

I may seem to be bad luck and yet when I leave and let you go you do so, so, so well.

Mmm, I am the black pussy cat

It’s easy to hate me because you can’t see what I’m really like beyond my dark coat and gloomy exterior.

I am a cat, black pussy cat.