But don’t neglect me or the love I have for you will be like water evaporated still there but evidently missing from where you could see it, touch it, taste it, feel it.

Don’t say you love me then leave me like a baby buffalo in the dark of the night, alone and seemingly protected yet encircled by skilled hunters who will muffle my cries as their powerful jaws rip me limb by limb & leave my bones as evidence of my trust that when you said you’d come back for me you would.

Trust me but do not desert me in the wilderness with no food or drink. The flesh of my body requires frequent nourishment and though my heart remains true you can feed my flesh and leave it to starve until you remember me for I may accept the wares, company and food of passing merchants to tide me over until your next arrival.


Don’t say you love me but lock me up in a room with no windows, no door and tell me you’re just outside if I need you. I have called to you until my voice is hoarse & my knuckles have bled from knocking against the walls hoping my songs of love will reach your ears and you will bless me with your presence so that we can create that home you spoke of when you left me waiting here, reserved for you.

Trust me but do not give me freedom and leave me in a room full of ice cream on a hot day when you continually deny me water. I am capable of refusing but if I am uncertain of your return and the cool air that rises off one particular ice cream drives me to thoughts of getting a spoon I may longingly savor

Alone in the desert: image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

the coolness long enough for sanity to bring guilt and remorse to mind

Trust me but do not neglect the need in me to be a part of an active whole.

Trust me but do not feed the fire that others want to stoke.

Trust me but do not bank on the fact that my love will forgive you for abandoning me.

Trust me but do not assume that I know what you do not tell me

Trust me, when I am tired of fighting temptations both real & imagined I will stand stronger and know that I will do fine without you. 13/11/2011