The truth lies somewhere within just under my skin. If I had kept quiet would there still be so much silence? If I had sealed within me the black words that seem to have set you free would I still have you beside me?

It’s hard to tell with my eyes close if you’re looking in my direction.

I wish I could tell without seeing you, how you feel.

It’s hard to tell if it was really the reason or you chose it because it came from me.

How honest is honest going to be if you’ll hang she that spoke it? Tell me, should I fight my blind battle while you swing your sword with ease or shall I surrender? A seed has been planted, will it ever grow? If it grows it will only know the soil from whence it came. It will never know the sun just artificial lights to show it the way.

A tear rolls down a cheek in thought of a unique blossom denied the other basic.

Yet all of this is still a maybe. Perhaps the soil will not be able to nourish the seed. Perhaps there will be sunlight. Perhaps, another planet, another sun, another seed will accomplish what we could not. Perhaps, perhaps not.