I thought I needed you so I could be whole. I thought I needed you so that my stories would not feel untold.

I thought your thoughts would complete mine, that one by one you would see why you should always be mine.

I searched for conversations that could make me whole, that would teach me to reach for my life’s goal.

I thought in you I’d find the answers to eternity.

All my life I waited for you to find the light which would lead me beyond my confines.

All the while I couldn’t see that the moths gathered to the light that is within me.

In you I thought I’d find answer to the question, “Who am I?” And yet, the more I look; I see that in me the answers lurk.

The need to find one with which I can settle my soul with is a hapless pursuit meant to deter me from my eternal bliss.

I thought finding you would complete me whole. It’s my time that you’ve actually stole.

In attempting to cultivate the seed that I planted in you I’ve had to uproot me and lose sense of my bearings. As I await the fruit which may or may not ever come through I realize that I don’t need you to be me but it helps having you because I hate being lonely.

While you may never understand why I act as if I need you to hold my hand I assure you that it is entirely and act.

If I don’t act like I need to have you hold me, you might consider yourself somewhat lonely.

Give me your hand, it’s not a request but a demand, you need to see that I am whole but I seek a companion.

I want but don’t need you. I seek truths greater than you choose to imagine all so that you too can become whole, at one with yourself, truly & well into yourself. See? I’m quite magnanimous for I believe this destiny was meant not just for me but for us.

Make no mistake; I’ll leave you behind if you think without you I have no life.

I thought I needed to grow old with you by my side, our two little boys and our girl tagging along for the ride. I thought you would make me whole until I had you but you weren’t playing your role when I needed it & sought you for your comforting role. In your absence I found, I’ve always been whole I just didn’t like being alone.

I like me as a whole but I’m unhappy when I try to get you to complete me.

None possess what I need to be me except the being I am already. SO as much as I had hoped you’d make me whole, I didn’t need and don’t need you as a second soul. 13/11/2011