get married,
have kids,
get a raise,
get promoted.

Raise kids,
teach kids,
look good,
talk well,
never stop smiling.


Drop off kids,
pick up kids,
cosset husband,
nourish husband,
nourish kids,
prepare for tomorrow.

Get up,
wake up kids,
wake up hubby,
get dressed,
go to work.

Raise kids,
get frustrated,
see kids succeed,
feel elated.

Fight with kids,
ground kids,
beat kids,
scream you wish you never had kids.

See them grow,
see them learn,
wipe away their tears,
see them love,
look back nostalgically on your child-raising fears.

Watch the kids leave,
watch hubby: more & more to soccer cleave.

Listen to empty rooms,
polish spotless floors.
At one point everything was in a rush, you had things to do and bills to pay.
Now there’s no banging of doors.
Nor children at play.

suddenly when all is quiet you realize,
there was no rush
just you trying to get a list done
instead of living life and having fun.

Now you seek to creat a rush:
for your kids,
accomplishments you woulda done
go on holiday under the Italian sun
ski in the Rockies
buy the grand kids walkie talkies

push, push, push,
You never had time to sit on your lazy tush
and so your struggle begins
and the peace with the kids ends.