I’ve watched him have his heartbroken time & time again
Each one promises he’ll never feel his heart break from the labour of her sin.
To cherish him & build him whole
She swears from the bottom of her soul.

Depression takes its toll as his heart plummets once more to the floor.
Her innocent, sweet face he caught in bed & in between the hands of the boy next door
Her moans of pleasure as he plundered her treasures, replaced
By choking as if she swallowed feathers.

Hidden blows, sarcasm, wit & chivalry
A small wounded boy sits as he attempts to rid himself of envy & seeds of rivalry
The resentment, the fear, the insecurity of it all. He wouldn’t be able to bear it again if he truly let himself fall.

His heart is
Unbothered, untethered by the anchor love is
He holds few regrets & refuses to look into his past because the future & present is where his attention is at.

He had a heart and by the many shes he entrusted it to it was broken
And so he is a shell of the child-Man that once was before his soul was bared and stripped naked of its masculine glory until all that was left is the jagged pieces of what should be his heart