Like soldies trained to follow commands they wait for me
as if I am a General with a heavy hand.
I thought I’d taught them to make their own decisions
Yet, they all seem to linger in indecisions.

They keep waiting for a plan
meanwhile life dictates days
that they feel were meant for some other man

Frustration wells
as I have the urge to scream, “what the hell?!”
Surely these sentient, social creatures
cannot be waiting for a sign from my deliberately silent features?

Woe unto them who from me seek guidance
I only offer what can or should be done.
As far as giving orders, I’m done, no more telling anyone what to do or where to go or where they should be.

I sit back and watch in a corner
That’s the new me.
Surely someone else will find it natural to take over
Alas, there is no one new to replace me.