I kept waiting for a word, gesture, something.
Each time “something” happened it turned out to be convenience.
You left my heart to fend for itself.
My mind saw your ways & and quoted scriptures of warning
My heart, alone in a field poured out hope & patience.
My mind held up images of past pain & the tears of others in similar positions.
The lessons of others who lived in shame, fear, and desolation were held up for me to see.
I looked at the core of you and saw the good gleaming through your vices.
I put my attention on the purity of your heart in my hands& cherished it like today would be the last day.
Truth kept vigil at my mind’s eyes waiting to be seen.
I kept & grew hope in abundance knowing my actions were not in vain. One day you would feel my love & send me a beam of love in return.
Days turned into weeks, weeks into months
I waited sleepless, hopeless, hoping
Then came one who tended my heart with everything I pleaded you to do.
My heart, in shock sent fear through me & Iran.
I hid in the forest & built a lake of fire to keep anyone else at bay.
One day I woke up!
You’d taken your heart back and left mine bruised.
The fiery lake kept mind and heart safe. The forest shielded unwanted visitors from the wonders within.
Then one day, the lake set fire to the forest.
It was time to move on & the forest had grown to the water’s edge.
At first the water rose above the ground, until all the trees swam.
The girl in the red dress sang a bone chilling song of mother waters & father earth
The guardian of the lake took to the sky
You can hurt me no more
I’ve already said my good byes
What we were is firmly in the past.
Despite myself I keep photographs to remind me of the kind of love that doesn’t last.
Good bye dear friend, my time has come at last to find he would tend my heart like each day was the last.
Do not wait dear friend for a word, gesture or something.
As you were with me, here you will find no signal.