It only hurts when I bleed.
The problem is people poke it
to find out if I have a heart
What they don’t see is the cut they make

But it only hurts when it bleeds.
Sometimes the cut’s so deep that
by the 3rd or 4th poke
I’m mentally down on my knees

It only bleeds at night
When you can’t see merely by sight
During the day at most you’ll see annoyance
At least you’ll see my step has buoyance

It only hurts when it bleeds
Every poke draws blood.
I bleed on the inside
That’s where the race of my thoughts hides

I only bleed when cut or beat
My exterior is diamond but my insides are soft
You look at me as if I am something you could eat
You cut my insides open and leave me to rot

It only hurts when I bleed
You’re just never there for long enough to see
It really hurts when it bleeds
Diamonds shine even with no light and that’s all you’ll see