Do you baby coz I’m definitely going to do me.
Do you baby ‘til your heart’s content coz the one imma do is me.
My smile is glazed while my hand is raised
I find that while I forge ahead everyone else is following the trail I blazed.

Haha! Do you baby, might as well
Every moment I spent looking for you was hell.
Mmm, do you baby, the plan was simple, finish the mission
But I got distracted by your dimples and now I’m singing an old school rendition

“If you don’t know me by now… you will never, ever know me”
I’m rubbing my head wondering why you still don’t see me?
I feel like I’m back at 18, day dreaming about asking you where you been.
Wondering why it’s not me that you’re seeing?

As déjà vu courses through my thoughts of me n you boo
I find myself wondering, why I’m wandering through
my ponderings of why a decade late I still find my fate no greater,
no betta than it was at 18 when I was wondering if you I’d ever be seeing.

Do you baby, imma do me
Leave a girl like me home alone & you’ll see
My horizon grows brighter as my flame
sparks like a lighter set flame to all the lies and blame
as we play your game of…

love me, love me not, the petals fall to the floor
My fingers itch, every time you come back asking for more to show you the door
Love me, love me not, I can’t the suspense as your phone number rings
and yet again I come up on the side with no wins

Do you baby just don’t be surprised when I do me and there’s no room for you
Do you baby, coz imma do me, be true to myself that’s how I maintain my integrity
Do me baby, that’s what I’m gonna do.
Imma be myself, focus on me,
enrich my soul, rest and relax let God take control

Now, go ahead baby do you, like the others when you miss me you’ll be back
Seriously, baby go ahead focus on you just be aware, when I focus on me I’ll also give you my back
Naw, baby I ain’t even trying to be rude
Seriously baby, you have my intention misconstrued

I let you do what you needed to get your shit done
I let you be while you swore you were working & not having fun
Now I’m heading out to look for my spot in the sun
Hold up, wait a minute, you ain’t about to see me get some?

Naw baby, it don’t work like that, I let you eat, work, & get fat
Off my hard labour & toil you created the perfect scene
Now I ain’t looking forward to being mean but baby, how the hell you going to keep me off the cover of that magazine?
When it was my blood, sweat, & tears that built and bought you that?

Do me baby that’s what I’m fit to do.
Out here baby I got a corporate ladder to climb too
I’m glad you ain’t never really needed my support
Even when I gave it you ignored my report
Do you baby, do you. When you remember me, my location & nature you’ll have no clue.