You say that I threw you away.
I wish it were that way.
It’s not just a relationship going down the drain
It’s all the effort that I put towards us in vain

You look for a sign
it could be a tantrum
You know I wish you were mine
and all of this forgotten

You look for a crack in the visage
You know it’s just a front
You expect me to crack & ask you back
After all who can resist your devil-may-care image

Sadly for me, the end has arrived
It’s time to say goodbye on all my efforts, thoughts & emotions
Sadly for me the end of the end is all I see.

You wait to see me get caught up in the swirl of emotion leading to an abyss
If you’d paid attention before you’d know why this is all amiss
See you won’t catch me broken
I’ve already gone through the process of falling apart.

You watched me mend the pieces of my now unbroken heart.
Even now as I celebrate the end
the last of my scars from trying to love you I lovingly tend
My heart’s bones have been broken
my sobs, at night I’m no longer chokin’ on
Is time for me to move on.
Thank you for the lessons, laughter & almost love.
I’m done falling out of love with you.