I’m done waiting
for you, for your attention
I might as well be at Grand Central Station
So sick and tired of waiting

I may sound bitter
when I say that my love is sweet
and yet here I am a quitter
for my love requirements, you do not meet

I don’t need, tall, light, dark or handsome
I don’t need stupid, smart or average
I hoped you’d be mine, attentive & not hold my heart ransom.
I knew you could be loving, communicative & not a brute savage.

I may sound bitter
& desperate for the sound of the pitter -patter of lil’ feet
But I swear, I get better
as I age a melange of perfection your taste will meet.

I didn’t ask for roses, dinner or a movie date
I poured into you trust, hope & support
I didn’t ask for dinner with the parents or a soul mate
I placed in you belief, creativity & comfort

You coulda been anyone coz baby’s love
was like coming home to peace
You coulda done anything coz in her heart you were above
reproach & negative criticism, potential was within reach

Then time flew
as only it knows how to do
and baby got tired of waiting for you
Just like chasing rainbows its true
loving you is like waiting for Godot’s love
when you don’t know Godot
& waiting for a whisper from above in a crowded bar


Hear it in my voice, here