I see her head hanging, I see the tears roll down her cheek. I wonder if I should open my mouth. I wonder if I should scream and shout.
It hurts to see her so sad & honestly I really feel bad. As my anger boils & bubbles frustration closes my throat & tears well in my eyes.
What happens behind closed doors is really none of my business. But her tears are my weakness. What I see hurts. I see her lip tremble as she tries to smile. He’s hurting her & it kills me to have to see her in pain as she tries to navigate the emotional landmines of her mind.
I feel as if I should shake her & make her see the errors of his ways. She loves him that is plain to see. The question is after they’re behind closed doors who will she believe him or me?
I mean, it’s not like he hits her, at least I hope not. God that would make the situation far worse. I really feel upset & I can tell he knows there’s no way they’re done, yet.
How was she to know that the change she expected would become much worse? We always thought he was off. I never thought to say I mean, since it was never my piece to say. He never came to family functions, he never attended her parties & her friends thought he was arrogant.
(Sigh). We saw him & his attitude & we thought her love was enough.
(laughs) Ah! Guess not. But I can’t stand to see her like this. It hurts. She greets him and he barely nods.
I swallow my resentment. I take a deep breath. I take her hand & say let’s pray, thanking God for his providence that day