I tried loving once
it didn’t quite work.
I gave it all away
only to learn that doesn’t work

I gave the best of me
heart, soul
I discovered that it wasn’t enough
it was too old.

I gave my 2nd best
and it was enough
I just couldn’t carry
on with the bluff

I gave my 3rd best
and it was just right.
In the end I fled
because the lie was not right.

Then I tried everything
in between…
time wasted, fun had
lessons learned.

Then I was loved
from the beginning
to the near end.
Creation on spheres
I had forgotten…

It was too good to be true
and fear gripped me
The intensity was right
My flame burnt blue
I had everything I wanted in sight
The only problem was me

I couldn’t be me
Not entirely
What if love knew
What I could truly do?
What if love could see
The real me?

Would love stay?
When my true colours came to play
What would love do in plain sight of my ugly?
Would it still want to hug me?

I did as cowards do
I cowered in a cave and
Recreated sin in the place of peace
And yet love stayed true
And remained within reach

That was when I became falsely brave
and destroyed everything
My lies tore the place of peace apart
Love could no longer rave
On about the now demolished heart