We play Shadow Games
he & I
Shooting Cupid’s arrows

First shots were double bull’s eyes
Society’s thoughts the fortified, electric fence
we had to cross.
Happiness waited patiently on the other end

Days became a decade
& we woke up to find society’s standards
had changed.
In fact we’d become exactly who Society had said
we needed to be.

Time came & went
& just when I thought all my chips were spent I
found myself smiling at something he said
Days later my knees were weakened

By his words
As I cling to walls to break
lustful falls
I wonder how I could’ve been so wrong

Butterflies play in my stomach
His written words play havoc with my senses
Memories of close moments
have me catching hints of his fragrance

I turn to embrace him
My arms connect with air
Just as quickly as I thought
he was there

I realise I’m chasing his shadow
My footsteps soon take me to his
Wave after wave of regret
of a love lost after we’d met