You make me feel…

like no other should ever

                hold my hand

                ask me to dance

                caress my skin

                show me what love is


You make me feel..

                like I have

                won a prize

                achieved a sought after goal

                now considered myself whole

                finally come home


You make me feel

                like the journey

                is about to become an adventure

                is taking on a new exciting twist

                hadn’t started &

                is about to begin


You make me feel

                like I can & want to be



                the reprieve you seek at the end of a hard day

                the spark that ignites you


(laugh) You make me feel

                real & alive (again)

                happy to have found my friend

                content to be myself

                inspired to help you be yourself


oh, you make me feel

                the sun as it plays subtle notes on my skin

                the rain as it cleans the grime away

                laughter as if it’s clothes I’m meant to be wearin

                pain as it should be: but for a day


yes, you make me feel

                like the time I’ve been waiting for has arrived

                like time has no grip

                like love’s making another trip

                like the war has come & I survived,


then again, you’ve always made me feel

                real & alive

                happy to have a friend

                content as myself

                inspired because you are yourself