Thank you…
While those two words and ellipsis can’t begin to describe what you’ve done for me
I must say, “Thank You”
My heart beat is strong because you didn’t give up

My heart sings because you gave me another chance
I stand on top of the mountain
a few weeks, months ago you said I would
Thank you

I am growing
you gave me a chance to dig in and take root
I am struggling
I could have been dead already

my faith in love lives
my hope in life thrives
my joy in giving grows
my persistence burns bright

Thank you…
Two words and an ellipsis will never cover the depth of my gratitude and yet I offer them like Frankincense and Murrh; priceless and unique 

Thank you
from me
Thank you
for me


I can only hope you enjoy
what you have given me and much more
With desire to give
others the gift given me

I flourish and prosper
you deserve no less
I grow
stronger, more myself
you require the same

Thank you…
Two words and an ellipsis.
my eternal gratitude present
you’ve made futures infinitely better.