I could be anybody’s
Never forget that the good in his soul,
is what spurs me to give him a whirl

I could be any man’s woman
The light I see through the windows of his soul
leads me down his path to his heart that I tend and grow
That’s why I could be any man’s woman.

Their smiles, their words
effect, have none.
Charms, looks don’t add a skip to my beat hun
It’s the mettle of a man and the and the strings of his heart that tend to make me look not so smart.

It’s as if a small motley crew have finally figured out what to do
The once unobtainable ice princess can dine with beings of many vices

You see, I could easily be anybody’s girl
As long as it’s not my body he wants to give a whirl
Any fella could easily have have a go but more oft than not my response is “no”

The thing the ones who get yes forget
is that my attentions once got must be kept
I may say yes and do my level best but as a suitor he must do the rest

No superbly long delays in replying or my minds fear will make my heart dying
No lack of pursuit nor givings of attention
will leave me in fits of true pretension