I know how he feels,
the trepidation of seeing her online but she isn’t chatting to him
wondering who has captivated her attention

I know how he feels,
anxious to wake up to a few lines from her
those precious words that give hope for another day

I know how he feels,
the cold feeling in his stomach after a few days of silence
her interactions with others barely warming him like a distant fire

He laments at how she’s so cold,
he forgets that he too at one stage was so bold
to forget the presence of a lover because he could dally with another

I know how he feels,
for the passion he feels for her I once felt for him
amusement plays at the corner of my lips
as he hints to play between her hips

Laughter has found me again
I gently remind him of how the tables have turned
Had I been paper surely I would have burned
But true to the past he is being spurned as he spurned
I shrug, it isn’t my battle, I  already know how he feels