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…pretty much me when I feel lyrical. I enjoy writing a lot and now I’m putting my poetry out to get feedback. Some of the pieces are monologues( The voice of someone speaking through my pen (:-) keyboard)).

It’s not really about my personal life although most of it will be tied to something I feel very strongly about. A lot of times I see things and what I see inspire words that flow almost as if I’m telling my story. One may feel that I am extremely emotional – I am, especially when something moves me to write words.

I feel every story will always have as many sides as the number of people present. Some voices get drowned out by others and other voices whisper to be heard. You’ll often find a combination of both in my writing.

Like I said in What it do?! I just want to share my growth and I hope you find the journey as fascinating as I have. The image above is how I feel artistically, bursting with colourful ideas. Enjoy!