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His Feels

I know how he feels,
the trepidation of seeing her online but she isn’t chatting to him
wondering who has captivated her attention

I know how he feels,
anxious to wake up to a few lines from her
those precious words that give hope for another day

I know how he feels,
the cold feeling in his stomach after a few days of silence
her interactions with others barely warming him like a distant fire

He laments at how she’s so cold,
he forgets that he too at one stage was so bold
to forget the presence of a lover because he could dally with another

I know how he feels,
for the passion he feels for her I once felt for him
amusement plays at the corner of my lips
as he hints to play between her hips

Laughter has found me again
I gently remind him of how the tables have turned
Had I been paper surely I would have burned
But true to the past he is being spurned as he spurned
I shrug, it isn’t my battle, I  already know how he feels



Not Meat

I like you,
heck I’m falling but
I’m not meat

You’re cute and
I feel your words;
they tickle my mind & jump start my heart

You can have all of me,
mind, body soul
I’ve left all my bones out
for you to see

You’re cute
I love your voice
but I’m not meat

I could get drunk
off your kisses
I could even see me;
as your misses

My heart turns cold
And my bones groan no
you ignore my pleas
Blinded to my heart’s needs

The curves, soft skin,
the eye feast;
like a shopper you grab and caress
forgetting the rest

Pleasing your hands & other senses
you tumble down the spiral
Need you created by stroking
desire you stoked flames up

You beg, plead,
you need, you are dying
just a sip of elixir to tide you over

You claim starvation,
surely if I care I’ll let you feed
but I’m not meat

I tried being caring
gave you a sip and you ripped the jug from me and got drunk
leaving me broken & empty

No more.
Hunger you shall until you see for real
I am not meat

You do not see how I broke and shattered
We carried on like it didn’t matter
like you did not take part
in tearing up my heart

You took more than what was on offer,
you left me with grief,  angst despair
And from that you want to sup again

you hunger for what you stole
you expect to find me whole
You seek to dine again
sorry, bar’s closed

The chef went into hiding
the bar tender quit
the band’s on hunger strike
Meals are invitation only and the printing press died

You die
I’ve been dying
my thoughts race; this is what you sought all along, nothing else of me matters
you’ll be happy to quench your thirst and fill your belly

This is how it ends
You starve as I have
You may never actually get it
truth is
I am not meat


Any body’s Girl

I could be anybody’s
Never forget that the good in his soul,
is what spurs me to give him a whirl

I could be any man’s woman
The light I see through the windows of his soul
leads me down his path to his heart that I tend and grow
That’s why I could be any man’s woman.

Their smiles, their words
effect, have none.
Charms, looks don’t add a skip to my beat hun
It’s the mettle of a man and the and the strings of his heart that tend to make me look not so smart.

It’s as if a small motley crew have finally figured out what to do
The once unobtainable ice princess can dine with beings of many vices

You see, I could easily be anybody’s girl
As long as it’s not my body he wants to give a whirl
Any fella could easily have have a go but more oft than not my response is “no”

The thing the ones who get yes forget
is that my attentions once got must be kept
I may say yes and do my level best but as a suitor he must do the rest

No superbly long delays in replying or my minds fear will make my heart dying
No lack of pursuit nor givings of attention
will leave me in fits of true pretension


Thank you…
While those two words and ellipsis can’t begin to describe what you’ve done for me
I must say, “Thank You”
My heart beat is strong because you didn’t give up

My heart sings because you gave me another chance
I stand on top of the mountain
a few weeks, months ago you said I would
Thank you

I am growing
you gave me a chance to dig in and take root
I am struggling
I could have been dead already

my faith in love lives
my hope in life thrives
my joy in giving grows
my persistence burns bright

Thank you…
Two words and an ellipsis will never cover the depth of my gratitude and yet I offer them like Frankincense and Murrh; priceless and unique 

Thank you
from me
Thank you
for me


I can only hope you enjoy
what you have given me and much more
With desire to give
others the gift given me

I flourish and prosper
you deserve no less
I grow
stronger, more myself
you require the same

Thank you…
Two words and an ellipsis.
my eternal gratitude present
you’ve made futures infinitely better.

Blue Heart by G. K. Mwamba

I breathe…
I feel…
I cry.
My passion for you,
Is like, standing in front of the blue water.
The blue sky shines on the water.
You possess me.
You enchant me.
Like the African girl witch…
I’m possessed about you.
You can set me free.
My blue heart…
Even the stars in the sky, together made like jewellery,
Cannot make your beautiful
My queen of Sheba…
Let the King kneel at your feet

More Dangerous

You look at me & see my open disdain for convention.
You call me dangerous.
You whisper behind my back and discuss my misdeed with great mention.
What you don’t realize, is that he is more dangerous.

Mothers bustle their sons away from me in fear.
Sons look in adoration and yet when less curious, sneer.
Fathers warn of my prowess and yet find themselves caught in the glory of my conquest.
Daughters guard their men in worry, as if in one bite all of him I’ll digest.

Image courtesy of farconville /
Image courtesy of farconville /

The looks of wonder don’t go amiss.
The smell of fear, I couldn’t not notice.
The hatred of ignorance, is not bliss.
Then envy of lack of convention and my beautiful fortress.

He has the look of innocence.
Everyone has taken note of it.
He bears the face of an angel.
How could he be the heir to the throne of the opposite?

Are we all stuck on convention
created to give us an idea of good dimension
that we are too afraid to be ourselves
and accept that the good can look bad and the bad are often good?

My words like life lack a steady rhythm.
And yet to the pen’s mind goes all the criticism.
The words go unnoticed.
Until one goes back and realizes she wrote it.

He guides the hands of the talented.
He creates beyond our wildest imagination.
Who would have thought she was the key?
A pawn to he who is responsible for all creation.
It is with her energy he summons the talent of the unwanted.

His smile, his look, unbeguiling.
He conquers the world all the while smiling.
Her walk hypnotic.
Her voice melodic.
And yet, he is more dangerous.

The Rush

get married,
have kids,
get a raise,
get promoted.

Raise kids,
teach kids,
look good,
talk well,
never stop smiling.


Drop off kids,
pick up kids,
cosset husband,
nourish husband,
nourish kids,
prepare for tomorrow.

Get up,
wake up kids,
wake up hubby,
get dressed,
go to work.

Raise kids,
get frustrated,
see kids succeed,
feel elated.

Fight with kids,
ground kids,
beat kids,
scream you wish you never had kids.

See them grow,
see them learn,
wipe away their tears,
see them love,
look back nostalgically on your child-raising fears.

Watch the kids leave,
watch hubby: more & more to soccer cleave.

Listen to empty rooms,
polish spotless floors.
At one point everything was in a rush, you had things to do and bills to pay.
Now there’s no banging of doors.
Nor children at play.

suddenly when all is quiet you realize,
there was no rush
just you trying to get a list done
instead of living life and having fun.

Now you seek to creat a rush:
for your kids,
accomplishments you woulda done
go on holiday under the Italian sun
ski in the Rockies
buy the grand kids walkie talkies

push, push, push,
You never had time to sit on your lazy tush
and so your struggle begins
and the peace with the kids ends.

Kilowatt Smile

His eyes are my favourite shade of chocolate, dark brown and liquid.
His gaze is direct and unflinching.
My curiosity begs to become the source of his 1000 kilowatt smile.

His spirit reminds me of the days I used to giggle at the stars and fear nothing.
His mind is like a maze I want to explore.
The more I talk to him, the less I can ignore:
his 1000 kilowatt smile.

His laughter is like rain, after the unbearable summer heat.
But maybe, just maybe, all these thoughts are just sparks.
After all, whoever said a thousand kilowatt smile can’t light an already occupied heart?

Set Me Free

Let me be, set me free.
Cling not unto me.
You have no possession of me.
Let me be, set me free.

My heart is in the hands of another.
Why do you even bother?
Yo do not possess any part of me.
Let me be, set me free.

Quiet your heart.
Quiet your thoughts.
Let not images of my smile, sounds of my laughter, clutter the halls of your mind.
Let me be, set me free.

Your words of love, are snares.
Your endearments, are burrs on the skin of my soul.
Your need for me is like tent pegs, meant to hold me down.
Let me be, set me free.

You found the queen of your heart, long ago.
Let me be the queen of mine.
The thought of you & I together sends cold shivers down my spine.
Let me be, set me free.

My heart lays safe in the hands of another.
Why oh why! Why do you bother?
Me, with your sick ministrations.
Let me be, set me free!

I can’t stand it anymore!
Desist, be gone, bother me no more!
When you’re gone, I can finally be.
Not the figment of your imagination but truly me.
Let me be, set me free to be me.

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