Moods Of P

A walk through my words

Watch it

Lemme shake ma hair
show you that I really don’t care
Lemme move my hips
make you wish you kissed deez lips

My rhythm is slow and y’all
think that I don’t know
Y’all can’t sip your tea
without talking about me

This time I’m on fire & y’all
know like the phoenix I don’t tire
Easy does it, bet y’all
hoping that I flub it

Bring you easy rhymes while
I wax lyrical
I can change my tempo
but y’all just cynical
So I keep it flowin and
leave y’all knowin

that the cat is back
in this space & you best watch it


Want but don’t need

“Miss Independent”
That’s how Ne-yo sings it.
Baby understand
that I want you as my man

I don’t need you,
for the sun to rise
I don’t need you,
to open my eyes

When I wake up, I wonder what would happen
if you were actually here
When things go bump at night,
I tell myself there’s nothing to fear

I don’t need you
to make the blue skies
I don’t need you
after my tears dry

“She’s got her own”
That’s Ne-yo’s song
Baby know that I don’t need your money,
just be funny.

I don’t need you
for me to watch the sunrise
I don’t need you and if you ain’t what I want
I can and will say good-bye.


Shadow Games

We play Shadow Games
he & I
Shooting Cupid’s arrows

First shots were double bull’s eyes
Society’s thoughts the fortified, electric fence
we had to cross.
Happiness waited patiently on the other end

Days became a decade
& we woke up to find society’s standards
had changed.
In fact we’d become exactly who Society had said
we needed to be.

Time came & went
& just when I thought all my chips were spent I
found myself smiling at something he said
Days later my knees were weakened

By his words
As I cling to walls to break
lustful falls
I wonder how I could’ve been so wrong

Butterflies play in my stomach
His written words play havoc with my senses
Memories of close moments
have me catching hints of his fragrance

I turn to embrace him
My arms connect with air
Just as quickly as I thought
he was there

I realise I’m chasing his shadow
My footsteps soon take me to his
Wave after wave of regret
of a love lost after we’d met



At one point I was owned.
He had me & could direct my actions
I knew he would lead me to better, always
I had freedom to be
I had all I wanted as well as little things that made me happy

He knew that every inch inside & out
was his if he desired it
He knew that if he bid it
my action was as he wanted, no doubt

We occupied the same space
We were one in two bodies
Every part of him I could see
Every part of him I was willing to be

I was owned once
I was he & he was me
Our thoughts were one
I saw what he saw & he knew what I knew

I owned once
I had more than I could imagine
even when all I had was me
I could create with, for, to, just

I yearn to return to the state
My pictures are defiled &
my mind in tatters
I yield to my current fate

I owned once
there was no separation
we were just me
& I was totally & completely free



I tried loving once
it didn’t quite work.
I gave it all away
only to learn that doesn’t work

I gave the best of me
heart, soul
I discovered that it wasn’t enough
it was too old.

I gave my 2nd best
and it was enough
I just couldn’t carry
on with the bluff

I gave my 3rd best
and it was just right.
In the end I fled
because the lie was not right.

Then I tried everything
in between…
time wasted, fun had
lessons learned.

Then I was loved
from the beginning
to the near end.
Creation on spheres
I had forgotten…

It was too good to be true
and fear gripped me
The intensity was right
My flame burnt blue
I had everything I wanted in sight
The only problem was me

I couldn’t be me
Not entirely
What if love knew
What I could truly do?
What if love could see
The real me?

Would love stay?
When my true colours came to play
What would love do in plain sight of my ugly?
Would it still want to hug me?

I did as cowards do
I cowered in a cave and
Recreated sin in the place of peace
And yet love stayed true
And remained within reach

That was when I became falsely brave
and destroyed everything
My lies tore the place of peace apart
Love could no longer rave
On about the now demolished heart


Not helping

I find myself looking over the cliff’s edge
Standing looking down makes me feel dizzy
Far below is something but my eyes don’t see
Right now, tears make vision blurry.

I wish I had a solution
Only one thing causes my apathy.
I don’t feel like I am needed
So is this where I should be?

I try to find a corner where I can chip in
The Titans have already come in & saved the day
I seek a lonely face that has a tale to tell
Found, I get told I have better things to do

I came with purpose
Somehow I lost that along the way
I knew that here I’d be needed
And yet, here I’m failing to stay.

I can’t hold this position
I was never where I’d hoped to be anyway
Here I came to help
Yet everything I’m doing is not helping


Love: Quit, leave stop

My mind’s in a tumble,
thot things was s’posed to be simple
Listening to the classics, love ‘em just the way they are
See my dimple
Here & now I promise
What am I trying to say
that I-?
Suppose that it’s just a CD anyway
Time to go. Quit, leave stop
Circa June 2005


I remember clearly the day I created
It was pure, it was light yet permeating
It was delightfully infectious

My favourite part was that it could be shared
I created Joy once
it flowed unending
it was happy beyond fun

Joy was transferable,
contagious, free
spontaneous, the best of me.

Joy was my last perfect creation
The last vestiges of a broken soul
drawing out the last good
wearing aesthetics into every wave
beauty in simplicity

It was my last gift to
A last attempt to give
with no consideration

I remember creating joy
the last breath wracking
my body as I waited,
for the world to accept joy

As I faded from existence
joy caressed my cheek
bringing back hope & resolve

My gift had come back
to me.
Untainted, unharmed, stronger
My gift to the world gave me peace

It hurts

I see her head hanging, I see the tears roll down her cheek. I wonder if I should open my mouth. I wonder if I should scream and shout.
It hurts to see her so sad & honestly I really feel bad. As my anger boils & bubbles frustration closes my throat & tears well in my eyes.
What happens behind closed doors is really none of my business. But her tears are my weakness. What I see hurts. I see her lip tremble as she tries to smile. He’s hurting her & it kills me to have to see her in pain as she tries to navigate the emotional landmines of her mind.
I feel as if I should shake her & make her see the errors of his ways. She loves him that is plain to see. The question is after they’re behind closed doors who will she believe him or me?
I mean, it’s not like he hits her, at least I hope not. God that would make the situation far worse. I really feel upset & I can tell he knows there’s no way they’re done, yet.
How was she to know that the change she expected would become much worse? We always thought he was off. I never thought to say I mean, since it was never my piece to say. He never came to family functions, he never attended her parties & her friends thought he was arrogant.
(Sigh). We saw him & his attitude & we thought her love was enough.
(laughs) Ah! Guess not. But I can’t stand to see her like this. It hurts. She greets him and he barely nods.
I swallow my resentment. I take a deep breath. I take her hand & say let’s pray, thanking God for his providence that day

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