I like you,
heck I’m falling but
I’m not meat

You’re cute and
I feel your words;
they tickle my mind & jump start my heart

You can have all of me,
mind, body soul
I’ve left all my bones out
for you to see

You’re cute
I love your voice
but I’m not meat

I could get drunk
off your kisses
I could even see me;
as your misses

My heart turns cold
And my bones groan no
you ignore my pleas
Blinded to my heart’s needs

The curves, soft skin,
the eye feast;
like a shopper you grab and caress
forgetting the rest

Pleasing your hands & other senses
you tumble down the spiral
Need you created by stroking
desire you stoked flames up

You beg, plead,
you need, you are dying
just a sip of elixir to tide you over

You claim starvation,
surely if I care I’ll let you feed
but I’m not meat

I tried being caring
gave you a sip and you ripped the jug from me and got drunk
leaving me broken & empty

No more.
Hunger you shall until you see for real
I am not meat

You do not see how I broke and shattered
We carried on like it didn’t matter
like you did not take part
in tearing up my heart

You took more than what was on offer,
you left me with grief,  angst despair
And from that you want to sup again

you hunger for what you stole
you expect to find me whole
You seek to dine again
sorry, bar’s closed

The chef went into hiding
the bar tender quit
the band’s on hunger strike
Meals are invitation only and the printing press died

You die
I’ve been dying
my thoughts race; this is what you sought all along, nothing else of me matters
you’ll be happy to quench your thirst and fill your belly

This is how it ends
You starve as I have
You may never actually get it
truth is
I am not meat